Lady Boss started in 2014 as a networking resource for women in creative industries.

We hosted monthly (sometimes twice monthly) events and workshops (check out what we did here) to help some boss women learn more about themselves, each other, and their careers. We laughed, we cried, we raised our fists.

As the initiative grew to over 2,000 women in just over a year, inspiring creative women to take initiative at work and feel seen and heard, the intentions of Lady Boss deepened to more than just events and gatherings. Based on all the stories she heard at Lady Boss events from women who felt stuck, Lady Boss founder Tracy Candido felt compelled to make change on a larger scale.

In the summer of 2016, a new mission for Lady Boss was born: to dig deeper into workplace policies that support women, with a desire to know how organizational culture and leadership can become intentionally feminist, to create safer, more inclusive, more radical places for women to work.

Perhaps it’s not women employees who need to learn how to negotiate and self-promote at work. Lady Boss wonders why managers aren’t held more accountable to lead in a way that works for women. The system, the one that has changed very little over the past 50 years, is stacked against us all.

Understanding what the future of work could look like for women is now Lady Boss’s full-time gig. This takes the form of research, activism, and yes, sometimes we'll still host events. Because all this difficult work still needs a party and a hug every once and a while.

So as Janet Jackson says, "It's time to give a damn / Let's work together / People of the world today / Are we looking for a better way of life / We are a part of the rhythm nation."

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