We support women in creative industries to lead and succeed in business through professional development.

We're in support of advocacy for female leadership not only for women as a collective community, but we're also speaking to women as individuals.

We know that navigating the creative industries and growing into leadership roles as a woman can be tricky, even downright infuriating. We’re here not only to contribute to the larger conversation about issues like the pay gaplack of leadership, and life/work balance, we’re also here to start a movement – Lady Boss wants to cause a stir and hopes to ignite a cultural shift by developing new guides more women, individually and as a community, can bring to their workplace. More than just a platform for women to leap from, Lady Boss is a space to make change on a larger scale.

We know we're not faced with a battle-ground. We're classy and sophisticated, savvy and fierce – we read between the lines. We might march on Washington but we're more about smart maneuvering than flag waiving.

We’re of the belief that the rising tide lifts all ships, and we hope that in the future women in leadership will become business-as-usual.

We can't wait to build a ladder to the top with you. Join the Lady Boss network, and kick more ass at work, here.