• All women – Lady Boss believes in racial equity as part of its feminist stance, as well as inclusion of women in the LGBTQ+ community and women with disabilities. We are working hard to acknowledge that Lady Boss members (and the feminist community at large) are not defined by one social position.
  • Women who strive to be better at all that they do, who have a curiosity for life, and who have knowledge to share.
  • Women who are interested both in career advancement and personal growth, and who have a hunger and a hustle deep inside of them.
  • Women who have 5-10+ years of experience or are at a mid-senior level in a creative industry (marketing, advertising, the arts, design, food, tech, media, comedy, publishing, and more), and aspire to leadership. We're for women in the in-between stage – not emerging and not yet in upper-level leadership – who need the biggest push to get them to the next phase of their career.
  • Women who feel the glass ceiling harder, since leadership is more complicated in the creative sectors.
  • Women who have recognized that advice from male leaders may not translate as effectively for their professional growth and are seeking support from more women in the workforce. 
  • Women who have a job or want a job, or women wanting to hang their own shingle and start their own businesses or become a CEO.
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